DQ Skills y ciudadanía digital


In the last decades we have seen a transformation of our reality, each day increasingly influenced and linked to the digital world. No one doubts that we are experiencing a profound change that, supported by new technologies in a massive way, bring us great opportunities and challenges.

Some specialists are already talking about Digital Intelligence, which would be the "set of social, emotional and cognitive skills that allow individuals to face challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life."  Thus, Digital Intelligence is divided into 3 levels:

  • Digital citizenship
  • Digital creativity
  • Digital entrepreneurship

Our project seeks to deepen into the first of the levels of the DQ, considered as the key trigger or starting point that supports the other two.
Under Erasmus+ framework we are going to develop 2 main products:

  • A training itinerary for adults in digital citizenship based on the DIGCOM framework that can be used and/or adapted by any entity interested in designing their own actions for the training of digital citizens.
  • A training course addressed to adults who want to improve their skills to exercise active and effective digital citizenship.

DQ Skills is an Strategic Partnership, funded by the European Comission in the framework of Erasmus+ programme.