DQ Skills Training Itinerary

This product has as final objective the development of a complete learning pathway which provides the necessary competences to exercise the digital citizenship to adult students.

The itinerary, based on the European Digital Competence Framworwk (DIGCOM), offers a training course which allow students to progress through 3 levels that go from basic to advanced.

The DQ Skills Training Intinerary is structured according to a clear competence relationship, training actions and levels in order to be used/adapted to any interested entity in designing its own training actions to provide training in the field of digital citizenship.

The learning pathway, validated and tested in the four participants countries (Spain, Greece, Poland and Romania) and available in all partner languages is the basis for the DQ SKILLS training course apart from being an efficient working document for any training who is interested in developing a training program in the field of digital citizenship.

You can access the itinerary or download it on your device